are pets allowed at the property?
no, pets are not allowed at the property.

are there spaces shared with other guests?
no. during your stay you will have exclusive use of the entire villa, including the kitchen, bathrooms and swimming pool.

are there child seats?
yes, there are 2 table seats, and a high chair for children.

are baby cots available?
yes, there are 3 beds with bars, and 1 cot for children up to 6 months.

is there air conditioning? heating?
there are 2 air conditioners in the lounge on the ground floor, and one in each double room. in winter, all rooms have independent underfloor heating.

is the road viable by any means?
up to 1.5 km from the house the road is paved. from this point begins a dirt road that we always try to keep in the best possible conditions. in some places, we recommend doing it with due calm.

is the house accessible to people with disabilities?
yes, as there is a ramp as well as stairs to reach the entrance of the house. on the ground floor there is, in addition to the living room and kitchen, a bedroom and an equipped bathroom.

what are the cancellation terms?
for cancellations up to 6 weeks from the start of the stay, 100% of deposit will be refunded  for cancellations between 6 and 4 weeks from the beginning of the stay, 50% of deposit will be refunded  cancellations after this deadline the entire amount paid will be retained

do you offer wi-fi connection?
yes, we have free wireless internet access throughout the hotel.

will a deposit be retained upon arrival?
yes, we will keep € 800.00 as a security deposit, which will be returned to the customers at check-out, once the entire structure has been checked.

are there any condiments or other staples on arrival?

yes, there are: oil, salt, sugar, pasta, water, and a welcome basket with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

when is the swimming pool open?
the swimming pool, not being heated, is open only in summer.

how do i get the keys to the house?
upon arrival you will be greeted by the owner who will provide you with the keys and useful information about the house.
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Natural Relax

relax in the exclusive swimming pool, enjoy an Italian-style pizza in the wood-fired oven or a barbecue in a unique atmosphere.
With family or friends Casa Bartoccio is the ideal place to rediscover well-being

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